The primary cancer concern with Westies (as it is for Scotties and Cairns) is Bladder Cancer (Transitional Cell Carcinoma).  Most of the links here are for Bladder Cancer, but there will be links to other types of cancer in dogs in the Other Resources section below.

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Research Studies Funded by the WFA:

  • AKC Canine Health Foundation Active Grants # 1336A and 1336B
  • AKC Canine Health Foundation Closed Grants # 754A, 754B and 896A

Find a Board-Certified Veterinary Specialist:

  • Most of the time your vet will be able to successfully diagnose and treat your Westie for whatever ails him or her.  However, there may be times when the problem is rare/unusual/complex and you may need the services of a board certified veterinary specialist.  Cancer specialists (Oncologists) are included in the database of Board-Certified Internal Medicine specialists along with cardiologists and neurologists, so your search may take a little longer.

    The link to Board-Certified Internal Medicine specialists is:

    The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Other Resources:

The following are links to other Canine Cancer content on the internet that may be useful or helpful to you.  If you are aware of any other online resources on this subject that you feel are exceptionally good, please let us know.