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Fibrosis Across Species: A Workshop on Comparative Pathology of Fibrosing Lung Disorders

April 27-29, 2014

University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Co-Chairs Kevin Brown, MD and Jesse Roman, MD

Invitation-only, no registration fee

About the Fibrosis Across Species Workshop

The Fibrosis Across Species effort includes a workshop on comparative pathobiology of fibrosing lung disorders that will gather physicians and veterinary experts, pathologists, community advocates, and representatives of private foundations, industry and biotechnology, and federal scientific organizations.  The workshop is designed to advance knowledge in the area of lung fibrosis in humans and domestic animals and in particular, in breeds of terrier dogs such as the West Highland White Terrier and in thoroughbred horses.

Sponsors and Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Win: $50,000 (premier)
  • Place: $25,000 - $49,000

  • Show: $10,000 - $24,000

  • Derby Fan: (especially for non-profits and individual donors) $1,500 - $5,000

    Roberta Mocabee

    Skyehigh Westies

    Wayne Kompare

    The Shamrock Westie Family


Researchers from human and veterinary medicine plan to convene a workshop to facilitate collaborations of researchers to develop a cohesive plan for comparative research in the disease.  Comparative research – or research that compares human disease to similar diseases in animals – has been used successfully in the treatment of bladder, prostate, bone and other forms of cancer.  The meeting will address comparative pathobiology of fibrosing lung disorders.  The Fibrosis Across Species workshop will build on the success of the 2007 Joint Human/Canine Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Conference, a comparative biology meeting that brought together human and veterinary scientists to discuss similarities between the fibrosis that afflicts Westies and human forms of PF.  The white paper from this meeting made specific recommendations for a scientific path forward.  One of these recommendations was the convening of a larger comparative biology meeting focused on the fibrosing lung disorders across multiple species.  Many of the key researchers in that meeting will lead the Louisville meeting.

Scientific/Other Papers:

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